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Welcome to The Acoustic Outfitter

The Acoustic Guitar Showroom & Outlet

Located in Bend, OR. Across the street from where we hand build the finest acoustic instruments in the world. Including Breedlove Guitars, Bedell Guitars, and Weber Mandolins – the Bend Acoustic Guitar Outfitter has a tremendous assortment of instruments and is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 11am to 6pm.

Our Brands

Breedlove Guitars & Mandolins

We have a wide selection of Breedlove guitars and mandolins. Breedlove’s mission is simple: to handcraft the finest acoustic stringed instruments in the world. We do not replicate guitar designs of the past. At Breedlove, we’ve turned to scientific research to understand how sound energy is transmitted through tonewoods, how various elements in an instrument can best complement one another, how to design for playing comfort and how to meld every aspect of our instruments into extraordinarily exquisite musical and visual design.

Weber Mandolins

Weber instruments are created with pride and tremendous attention to detail. Weber mandolins are of the highest quality, and are crafted in Bend, OR. Please stop in or give us a call to view our available assortment.

Bedell Guitars

We have a fantastic selection of Bedell guitars. Bedell Guitars are committed to thoughtfully and sustainably honoring the connectivity between our forest and out guitars. No clear-cut trees will ever be used in a Bedell Guitar, and all tonewoods are sourced in a thoughtful and sustainable manner.